EP & Serato & Mixed in Key - missing artwork

Hi all

Ive searched thru here to find answers but nothing definitive has come up. My issue is that artwork worked one night…then didnt the next!

This is my workflow:

  1. place folder in Engine to be analysed (i didnt add it to the EP collection)
  2. Used MIK to get cue points etc
  3. exported Cue’s to Serato DJ Pro - close MIK
  4. Create crate in Serato, import files from the “engine” folder, re-scan ID tags in Serato - close.
  5. Open EP, nav to serato and update - EP shows the serato crate, all the cues are there and work perfectly, except no artwork! Ive dragged the crate into EP to see if the files update but nothing.
  6. Cry.

The doozy is that the night before i edited over 60 tunes in exactly the same way and not one glitch, i.e. the artwork was there. The art shows in Serato just fine. It also shows in EP when i simply open the folder in the Music section where EP works from, the art shows as well when i add the folder to EP Crates, it just doesnt work when Serato is involved, well not anymore. 1 night fine, next night no art!

This isnt an MIK issue because when i contacted them they’d never heard of such an issue and im sure many people here would be screaming out loud too. The issue is somewhere between EP and updating Setato in EP.

Info: All files are bought, using Win10 and EP 1.6.1

What ive noticed from here is this seems to be from 1.6.1 but previous versions work. I still have v1.5 if i uninstall 1.6 will i lose everything from engine or will the DB still be in tact? I have 100’s of tunes that i dont want to have to re-edit cues and info again, you get my drift?

So, can i uninstall 1.6 and reinstall 1.5? and does anyone know why the artwork isnt showing anymore?

thanks all :wink:

Did you try selecting all the tracks without artwork in EP and re-import the information?

Could be anything. Where is the “Engine” folder you created? internal drive or external storage ?

If you uninstall 1.6 the database “Engine Library” should not be removed, so technically you should not lose your hotcues

To be safe, make copy the Engine Library folder (my music) and its also on the drive your music is at if not on C or internal. If anything goes wrong just copy those back.


this is the part where i bury my head in my hands, put a sock in my mouth and scream as loud as possible!!!

the one step i forgot to do was to re-analyse the track…

hey presto the artwork magically appears!

thank you, where do i send the money please?

you cannot fathom the amount of shame i feel right now!

once again…thank you. :):):):):slight_smile:


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