EP Initial Thoughts

Just spent a little time importing music files from Traktor Pro into Engine Prime, and so far I must say I’m impressed. Over the last six months I’ve tried Serato DJ as well as Pioneer Rekordbox. I used Record Buddy 2 to switch my library and cues and loops. It’s refreshing to not have to use a third party App this time around. I liked how my loops and cue points are all spot on.Thanks Denon! With Serato DJ and Pioneer Rekordbox I would more often than not have to adjust the loops on almost every track. :rage: I also like the default colors for the cue points and loops. No need to mess with those. Sound quality with Engine prime is good, but the signal is HOT. I had to turn the gains all the way down on my mixer.

I only have one complaint. For the life of me, I can’t understand why there’s no “Metronome” feature. :thinking: I know it’s already been requested, but IMHO, this is something that should have been implemented from the beginning, hopefully it will be added at a later update. Overall I like Engine Prime. Now if they would just hurry up and ship my SC6000s already. :smile:


I agree EP and OS are so good. I dont use any 3rd party apps or software to anylise or prep, just Engine. It does a great job. All bpm software is 5% or more inaccurate and will get some tracks bpm and key wrong. Downbeat detection in OS on streaming services can be one beat out but apart from that it’s ace. Love my prime 4. I keep looking at the sc6000 but in honesty I’ll probably get the prime go for weddings and stuff with battery powered speakers with a gigbar 2. Perfect mobile set up as gigbar works with SoundSwitch.


Same here, just Engine prime and all my library is OK. Haven’t touched any other software for a long time since I switched to Denon in 2017.


Doing some more track prep and I grabbed a couple of screenshots to contrast EP to TP3. Same track, with the playhead at the same location with the same loop active.



I like the fact that with EP you get 8 cue points AND 8 loops. With TP3 it’s a combination of the two. If you notice, TP3 has the ability to show total track time, elapsed time, as well as remaining time simultaneously.

The biggest difference is how the waveforms are displayed. One isn’t better than the other, just different.

You know you can upload images directly to the forum? Without using a picture hosting site.

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I do now, thanks.