ENGINE wont open????

hi folks just downloaded the most recent version of engine prime ( 1.6.1) and now when i double click the shortcut on my laptop (windows) it wont open… the loading box in the middle of the screen starts up then nothing opens… Any help guys???

Following. I’ve had the same here on a windows lappy. My main machine is a mac, so hasn’t bothered me too much. …but obviously I’d like it to work on the PC too. :slight_smile:

Sorry to hear of the trouble!

What version of Windows?

Was Engine Prime previously installed before you updated or is this your first time installing the app?

Was Engine Prime working as expected prior to the update?

Have a look here and try the method posted by MCX800 in post #9

That did it! :+1:

…& thanks to @MCX800 for the original post of this solution.

If you go into you computer files and delete the engine library files it should work