Engine saving grid and cues inaccurately... if at all

Had a P4 for a couple of months now, and I’ve been working a lot in Engine to get most of the work done in the short term. But a lot of tracks that I KNOW I’ve placed accurate beatgrids in will be shifted off-beat, the cue points will be shifted over but the beat grids won’t, or both will be shifted. Usually about 1/6 or 1/8 of a beat. Sometimes they don’t save at all and I know that on some of these tracks without a doubt I haven’t moved their location or changed the metadata. Additionally, sometimes there will be a track that has my cue points in the preview section, but when I go to load it, none of them show up. That one’s really confusing me.

So yeah, anybody else had these issues or know what can be done about them? Seems to defeat the purpose of all the intensive prep work if it can’t be reliably saved.

Check your Engine prime version compared to your hard drive library and Prime4 BPm version.

Check your quantize settings to regarding the cues not being on the beats

This is all just in Engine Prime, guess mentioning the P4 was unnecessary and a bit misleading.

Quantize is on whole beats, and that wouldn’t be the problem anyway. The issue is that they move from where they were originally placed.

What do you mean about checking my EP version vs my hard drive library?

Hi Dragon,

Could you describe your work flow from A to Z?


  1. Editing track(s) in Engine Prime Collection/ Collection subfolders

  2. Updating/ transfering the edited track(s) on to USB / SSD device

And so on…

I think that there’s a simple step that might be missing :slightly_smiling_face:

No problem. At first I converted a few playlists from Traktor using the Dj conversion software, but I found that I set cues very differently between the two programs. so I started to just work in Engine Prime directly and will just use the conversion software for EP to Recordbox.

Right now I have iTunes as my playlist organizer via smart playlists using keywords in the “description” column. As far as I can tell, that doesn’t get written as metadata, so Traktor and EP don’t see a metadata or filepath change and think that it’s a different song. That’s been in place for a fair bit of time with no issues. I access my library through EP’s iTunes sync, import a playlist, grid & cue all of the songs not already on EP, and Then pack them to an external drive to use on my P4. The only change I’ll be making is to start sorting the playlists in EP because of the issues between Catalina and DJ programs.

I know that the conversion software had some bumps with some grids and cue points being off, which is why I deliberately took note of which songs I worked on that had not already been imported that way, to be sure that It wasn’t just me being careless. Some of the songs I converted to get the bpm, but didn’t add cues until after transferring them, so I don’t see why those would have been affected in addition to the ones I didn’t convert and got from iTunes

I’d get rid of that software from your workflow ASAP. It seems that quite a few people mention bumps with it. Just use what Engine Prime gives you and in the coming months see what extra things get added free to Engine Prime and also what the new Rekordcloud software offers when that has Engine Prime compatibility added.

What dj software do you need to work?

You have mentioned itunes, Traktor, Rekordbox and Engine.

So from what you have said so far

Which software do you use first? Say when you get new music?

I open the songs in iTunes first, make the playlists in iTunes, then access with Engine and set the grid/cues within Engine. I don’t use the conversion software anymore for sending music to Engine.

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