Engine Prime Won't show Serato files (which are held on a NAS)

I’ve been trying to import music from Serato, it says it’s analysing 6500 tracks then when it finishes I see nothing. Same when I drag and drop from iTunes. Analyses but not tracks showing.

All my music is on a NAS and the drive is logged in windows 10 as my drive Z.

Any ideas ?

Am I missing something…I’m not moving my music off my NAS as it backs up automatically to the Cloud, Serato and rekordbox are ok with it being on my drive Z?

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Hi Andre. At this stage, the main music collection cannot be on a network drive (eg: NAS). This may change in the future, however, in the meantime, copying the music files from the NAS to a regular external hard drive would be your best option.

Yes, please add NAS/network storage at some point. I just moved all my files from my PC to a NAS, added a ton of new files, and only now realized that I can’t import anything. Thanks.

Search feature request to see if this as already been requested