Engine Prime with SC2900 working (sort of...), need 1.2.1 version

So after Denon released the update with MCX8000 compatibility I checked if the MCX8000 export feature works with the SC2900 en SC3900 players. I still own these players and they are still perfect for me! The original Engine 1.5.2 is a nightmare (crashes constantly and is slow).

Analyzing with Prime goes fast and all tracks are transferred to my USB. The SC2900 reads them correctly. But:

roughly 10% of my tracks let the SC2900 and SC3900 crash! It keeps on “Memo checking” and the hole player freezes. When I replace the MMP file in the hidden DDJMEMO folder on the USB with a MMP file created with Engine 1.5.2 the track is loaded correctly!

Somehow 1 out of 10 MMP files Engine Prime creates has some kind of content that makes the player crash. I already checked already my MP3 codecs, ID tags, etc… but so far there is no common factor that triggers this issue.

I created a workaround for myself that I test my new tracks and if they give an error that I make a separate MMP file with Engine 1.5.2 Big issue now is that Engine Prime 1.2.2 overwrites all MMP files on the USB drive, even when it is not edited. So everytime I update my collection I have to manually replace all MMP files of the tracks that give errors. I understood from a few topics about Engine Prima 1.2.1 with the MCX8000 that version 1.2.1 is not overwriting these files. In those topics it was considered an error that should fixed (like in 1.2.2).

I’m unable to download 1.2.1. So I was wondering if somebody could send me the setup file, so I can have a look if 1.2.1 works out for me.

Thank you. And if somebody has suggestions what could cause these faulty MMP files, please let me know!

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Primes have more hot cue pads than the 2900. Could that be crashing it? Maybe the 2900 doesn’t like thinking about more than 3 hot cues points ??

Maybe try a track with no cue point set, then try a track with a cue point set, then a track with a cue point and one hot cue set, then a track with a cue point and two hot cues set… and then so on

All tracks have no hotcues or loops. Hotcues are working btw…

Una pregunta se puede analizar las pista y exportarla en usb y usarla con mi unidades sc2900