Engine Prime User Manual

Does a user manual exist for Engine Prime? It would be great to find out how to change the logo in the platter display of the SC5000. Thanks Sven

In the link below, you can find the basics of Denon Engin Prime:


But mostly it’s trial and play or error by yourself :wink: . The program is easy to use and to learn. You can’t do anything wrong.

Create your graphic in a 600 pixels by 600 pixels size, call it LOGO, save it (or export it) as a PNG file type, then save it on your USB thumb drive in the Engine folder.

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I still haven’t figure out how to add album art in the engine prime software. I use a tag editor to include album art to my tracks, before adding tracks to engine.

A nice instruction manual for Engine would just like us from Denon. I sincerely find a big lack. Ok, that’s simple and intuitive, but some peculiarities of the program are likely to lose them and not use them right. We hope that one day they will surprise us.

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I agree it would be nice to have an Engine Prime Software Manual. I fine the hover over tips useless. What I would like to see is how Engine Prime Manages The Music Library, How Crates Work and how they work in relation to the Players, Playlists, etc.

Also why when I delete a song from a Collection that it stays on the USB Flash Drive. That is unnerving, am I doing something wrong?

This is why you have a Well Documented Manual.

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