Engine prime import error

HI, I imported music into my engine software, after it analised it, i imported it in a folder on my prime 4 controller , whilst playing i then noticed the songs playing were not the ones that appeared in my playlist, the song did not match the track info (waveform,artist or even gendre), i reconnected my deck to my laptop to see what might be the problem, and nothing would solve the problem , i reimported the music , made new folders, deleted the music and added it again, i even reinstalled engine prime, no matter what i tried the songs would switch to different ones, not only on my controller but also in the software. this has never happened to me (ive been using this since a year) , and it´s incredibly annoying,it happened to half the songs in the folder , and everytime it alteres different tracks, and as i can´t visually see that it was changed (as the track info is the same) i can only tell by listening to it and noticing is doesn´t match the waveform or artist song. the only solution i found is to reanalise every song with the wrong track info individually once imported onto my deck, this would take hours as there are hundreds of songs. please find a solution denon this is extremly annoying and unfortunate as i was really enjoying the denon experience.

As no one else is getting this, it’s something you’re files alone are suffering from.

Perhaps the tags are wrong, perhaps you changed something with a different program .

Try making up a usb drive or stick with just a dozen tracks on and analyse that using engine prime. But don’t use any other software on it for tagging or audio analysing etc only engine orime. See how that goes. If that’s ok then try 100 files, then 1000 files