Engine Prime DJ Deck

Engine Prime DJ Deck

Where’s the loop section, where’s the hot cue section, slicer, loop in/out, pitch bend, key lock, any of the other countless features we use that are controlled by pads/buttons…

Seriously some of you need to think and engage your brains before making silly hardware/software requests.

1,000,000% does not have my vote.


Loop, hot cue, slicer, loop in/out, pitch bend, key lock & all of the other button features from the SC5000M are all inside the software as an added second page.

Thank You Sir.

God Bless.

DJ Maestro.

Your mock-up does not display these options. Please provide examples of how these features would integrate with your mock-ups.

You would just select the preference tab and the other options would be available just like in the Prime 4.

Thank You.

There’s a lot of features missing :frowning:

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Yes, please replace the pads that I like so much with touchscreen buttons… eh, no.

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lol a touch screen instead of pads such a great idea :bulb: i had the xdj 1000 mk2 before and I can tell you :smile: HELL NO !!! I would never go back to that again … :face_vomiting::sneezing_face: let’s keep our player like it is in that case . the hardware is perfect . just few modifications I the software will do the job. and a better integration with engine prime would be perfect. thank you sir :+1:t5:

As you all know, we at Denon DJ encourage new ideas and welcome them, some may be implemented and some may not, you may like them, or you may not.

Either way, I’d like to remind everyone to be respectful to all forum users, not every idea will resonate with you but your responses should be constructive and respectful.

Thank you.