Engine Prime Crash during the analysis


Engine prime quits unexpectedly when it analyzes more than 50 tracks on a PC with the minimum specifications, if I do the analysis in small groups this almost never happens, could this be solved for the new version?


PD: Sorry I just saw that the minimum is an i5 and I’m having this problem in a first generation i3 with 6gb of ram

The first thing I advise Windows DJs is to turn their laptop into a dual-boot version. For the DJ boot, strip EVERYTHING from windows that you don’t need from it. You’ll be surprised what performance you can get out of clean install with nothing at all running in the background.

Lower than mentioned specs still might be problematic, but my experience is that minimum specs tend to have a bit of “headroom” to prevent users to go " you said it would wit xyz specs".

the problem is with the offline analizer, if you could specify in the software the number of cores to use I think it would help because apparently it raises several threads of execution and ends up breaking the application

The above posting member was saying that he has found that Engine Prime is said to work on minimum i5 and he was trying to run it on an i3 , so a pc less than the min spec

You realize that it is not normal to advice someone to run a software on a clean Windows installation, without the benefits of it’s security and functionality updates. It’s the same thing like recommending to run a Prime or MC series equipment without the latest firmware update, limiting it’s operation. This way of putting things is beneficial only for the equipment manufacturer because it doesn’t have to work much to identify potential conflicts with third-party software or drivers. A computer is a complex work environment and it’s main use is performing multitasking jobs. What if every equipment manufacturer would recommend to run a software program on it’s own computer? How come you can run third-party software like Rekordbox, Virtual DJ, Serato, Traktor, etc, side by side, and you can’t run a software like Engine Prime in a full hardware and software environment? Denon DJ should continue to keep up the good work, like you should, in order to achieve the complete and seamless functionality of Engine Prime in a normal computer environment. Two things are clear though - always check the recommended specifications for hardware and software compatibility and optimizing the computer environment for the tasks required to perform.

My advice was generic in nature. For DJ-ing purpose the cleanest install will guarantee the best (possible) operation. There is no need for security measures if you don’t go online, nor do you need any of the software tools that enhance your normal windows experience.

And since the option to do all this is FREE (not benefitting gear or software manufacturers in any way) by making a second partition in your drive, installing a second copy of your OS (free, as you can use same serial) and implementing it as a DJ setup, there is no real reason not to do it. At bootup you just pick if you want to DJ or use the laptop generically. Even a ransomware attack on your generic install should not affect your DJ install. How is that for extra security!?

In my MS Windows days I had done exactly this and it worked flawlessly. Partitioned a HDD in two. Installed Windows on both partitions. Cleaned out a bunch of garbage off the DJ side and made some enhancements to speed things up and never connected to the web from that boot. I ran Traktor Scratch Pro from a $300 Toshiba laptop flawlessly for a few years; in fact, I still have the laptop somewhere in my basement and it still works :slight_smile:

It’s too bad MacBook Pros are soooooo expensive now. I don’t know what I would do if or when my 2014 MBP dies; I don’t think I could ever go back to MS :expressionless: