Engine prime app

Here are a few suggestions for consideration

Develop an Engine Prime App that is cloud based Users can upload - synch the engine prime to the app Then if users wanna prepare playlist and prep tracks they can “on the go” then once at the venue cloud can be can synched with the SC 5000/6000.

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The idea is good, but I believe there is a need to fix what is already available first.

You would like playlist updates etc via the cloud … but here we are still waiting for the possibility to update the hard disk inside the console via our simple ethernet or home wifi connection. :open_mouth: :hushed: :astonished:

So far to transfer the tracks from Engine Prime to Engine OS, either you use removable devices (SDXC, USB sticks) or you have to physically carry PC and console 1 meter away to connect them via the USB3 cable, reboot in PC mode, etc. etc. …

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