Engine Prime 1.6.1 download blocked may harm pc

I keep getting a download message that Engine Prime 1.6.1 was blocked because it could harm my pc.

I cannot seem to find away to release this error in windows 10 and make it a trusted download. This error has never happened until 1.6.1. Came along… I am not sure what has changed but this should be looked into at the server end.

That’s Microsoft Edge, right?

The simplest solution is to use another web browser. Firefox and Chrome are the most popular.

With a spot of Googling you could also turn off the “protection”.

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Hi, its an internet shortcut… Its a blue icon with a G in the middle for Google, but its not Chrome… I just tried Chrome and it fully downloaded 1.6.1 this time and then gave me the option to continue with the installation… All is good now.

My only concern is that something has changed to prompt this warning as it was never there in past builds.

Thanks, :blush:

That is indeed MS Edge. They warn you about all EXEs by default as they can be harmful, so they block them until you allow the download or turn it off.

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Thanks for the link. :blush::+1: