Engine Prime 1.5 Crashes During Export to Flash Drive

On macOS 10.15.5. At a certain point about half way through exporting my songs the software always crashes and my computer itself shuts down.

I deleted all files and re-installed, I renamed the Engine folder in the Music folder, I updated my OS just for this to work.

I will go back to using Rekordbox but I would like a solution because every time I play I have to re-do the entire Rekordbox conversion process because the Prime hardware re-writes the BPMs incorrectly on many songs so I have to re-analyze and import using Rekordbox. But apparently the BPM detection is fixed in Engine, and presumably the Prime hardware will not overwrite the Engine BPMs, so that would be ideal for me.

I am using SC5000 players as well as a brand new Go that just arrived yesterday, all with software version 1.4.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.