Engine Prime 1.5 Cannot restore backup

Whilst using EP 1.5 this morning for some unknown reason my SSD disconnected from the laptop and subsequently Engine Prime told me the drive hadn’t ejected properly, i have been making regular backups using the new backup feature as previous experience on 1.3.4 for me was poor so i knew that i would have to restore my database once i had restarted.

Unfortunately for me, Engine Prime insists on saying that the SSD database is corrupt even after using the backup created from Engine Prime.

To say i am gutted is an understatement :frowning:

Anyone else came across this and have any nuggets of hope or will i have to revert back to an old [really old] database.

Currently running:

Dell XPS15 Core I7 16 Gig DDR 4 Ram Windows 10 Pro latest build

To fully understand why this works the way it does, you need to know how EP works under the hood. I agree with you in it’s current carnation it’s not pretty.

EP only creates a backup of the database(s) contained in the folder: ~/Music/Engine Library/ (this is the user level Music folder)

For Tracks stored on the T5, the relevant databases are stored in the folder named 'Engine Library" at the root of the T5.

And this folder is not part of the backup/restore procedure.

I just confirmed this is how it works on MacOS, so 99% sure it works the same on Windows.

You can always manually duplicate that folder, and you’ll have a backup.

I would like to see a backup function for all “Engine Library” folders that make the complete EP collection. And a possibility to restore on the Prime gear, because that is where disaster will strike with the most consequences.

If you want to know more about the inner workings of the Prime ecosystem then this might be a good start Ask Me Anything Denon Prime Special collection management and conversion for DJ’s

This is definitely something I’d like to see Rekordcloud assist with, when the Engine Prime enabled version is developed. Such functionality is well overdue

Thanks for the reply MixMaster, i was looking at the engine backup and noticed that there was a noticeable size difference between the new versus an old database that i still have.

That also answers how Engine Prime is so fast at backing up the database if it is only creating some of the required files, i guess there is the trade off between full or partial backup given the size of some users libraries and the defined time to create that actual backup.

It would have been a great to have had the option to create a full or patial fileset when you click the button.

Oh well, back to manual backups for me i guess.

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