Engine Prime 1.5.0 Continuous "Checking Files"

Hi there,

So I did a clean install of Engine Prime 1.5 on a fresh system:

  1. I copied my directories from my Traktor Machine (tracks only) to my laptop containing EP
  2. I ran an analysis of all tracks (35000+ tracks) - That went well.

Since the task is complete (all track analyzed), EP is in a continous loop of “Checking files” + Updating Track List and counts through the same number of tracks : IE my 35000 tracks

It should be noted that no playlists were imported from Traktor, just added the files in EP straight from the folder in which they reside.

I should also note that EP did this loop the minute EP was analyzing the files also.

Thanks for any insight you can provide.

Still “checking files”… :man_shrugging:

Today I’ve just opened Engine Prime (1.5.1) to add seven new tracks to my system.

It’s taken about half an hour so far, and it’s still not finished.

Open the software - Checking Files. Add the new tracks - Checking Files. Connect my Prime 4 - Checking Files. Drag the new tracks over - Checking Files. Eject the Prime 4 - Checking Files.

This is ridiculous! Why does EP need to check every file in the collection after every action?

Tip - Create an empty crate. Just click on it and the checking files and processes moves much faster.

It’s a royal pain ,

Any click and boom file checking.

Change bpm, file checking

Lock track, file checking

Change tab, file checking

It’s almost like it’s unsure of itself. Let me double check that I still have that file where I thought it was :sweat_smile:

Thanks. I’ll give that a try.



The other big one is Update Missing Artwork…which doesn’t seem to update anything, ever.

:sweat_smile: At the crate name

Did it help?

I’ll let you know next time I need to add some files. :pray:

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The whole database structure and behaviour, including the behaviour of Engine Prime, and especially its strobing useless job monitor window need a (re)boot up the backside.

Drive access and searching is ridiculously slow. I can find tracks on tidal over mid-strength WiFi Faster than I can find them from the usb connected drive ;

The corrupt database isn’t a situation that I’ve found myself in luckily but it’s seems like for some, every gig is like walking over an ice covered pond during a thaw. Yes, we should all have one or two backups but the database integrity shouldn’t be so fragile;

The job monitor almost seems to know that engine is doing loads of checking of way too many files over and over again, so tries to hide that over-processing error by not letting information stay readable in the job monitor window for more than a fraction of a second

A little bullet point dot in a future firmware release note saying “database integrity improved” may not deter many from screaming “where’s the feature I asked for / voted for“ 5 seconds after the next firmware release , but it would certainly make a lot of people who rely on Engine, feel a lot more safe and secure, thinking that Denon are addressing the database concerns.