Engine prime 1.2.1 help

Hi guys having a bit of an issue with engine and version 2 firmware, so during beta testing I used engine prime 1.2 to load a usb stick with tracks to test, anyway this week I installed full version 2 firmware & prime 1.2.1. I wiped my memory stick and reformatted it as fat32, removed then reloaded all the tracks in prime, I then made playlists in prime which I loaded onto the usb stick, then finally hit the button to make the stick mcx-8000 computable. However I can access the stick and see the playlists but I can’t open any of them to play. Any ideas what I’ve done wrong?

Enable the mcx 8000 from the support section. You will also press the export to MCX8000 button from the interface.

thanks for the above as i said in my original post i have pressed the export to mcx-8000 button and let it’s do it’s thing, i did get a message at the end of the export saying 2 songs were not mcx-8000 comparable and were not exported. but as above i can see the playlists but can’t load any of them, i know they have a fair few tracks in averaging 80+ one i think is close to 300, would this be effecting it?

I use it as Crate, the average number of tracks is 30 - 50

There are 70 - 80 tracks in a few crates, and I don’t have problems.

Well I’m currently trying a different method, I’m now using my gig laptop, and instead of adding all my music as a collection I’m using my Serato crates, re-loaded all my playlists from that and so far after doing the export they are working. Funnily my previous lists which I did from my Mac at home are all showing red even though they are on the drive.

I understand, try different combinations. Could add stuff.

I had quite a few problems getting this to work myself. Couldn’t get playlists on the USB - from Serato - to work properly on the MCX8000 I eventually: Cleared all playlists and crates in prime Formatted the usb stick again Imported only one crate from serato to prime - as a test collection (not playlist) Moved this crate to USB Pressed the “Export to MCX8000” button and let it analyze etc. - got a good message Pressed the “Export to MCX8000” button AGAIN - and got a different (2 tracks incompatible message) Ejected USB and inserted in MCX. Worked ok!

However, I had quite a few attempts where this did not work.

Mine I’ve just wiped again as after putting playlists on the usb then exporting to mcx odd track and in a few cases whole playlists turned red I’m now trying one playlist at a time then exporting to mcx and see if that works

Hey @kev-n did you manage to get it to work?

yes eventually but it took a lot of firkling about, i had to delete everything off the memory stick again (3rd time) i then added 1 or 2 playlists at a time then exported them to mcx-8000 which when adding 15 playlists took a lot of time, not sure if it’s a bug in engine or if it’s mac os-x related, but after best part of 8 hours yesterday i got it to work. previous attempts i either had random tracks missing or whole playlists missing. when looking into the engine folder on the usb drive it appeared engine had not transferred the tracks to the usb drive (folders were there but were empty)

What I find makes things a whole lot easier is to first put all my tracks on the usb stick, then in EP add folders from the usb stick to the collection, then I create crates & playlists by dragging & dropping tracks directly from the usb. Once thats done, I then analyse the tracks - sorted.

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Yes (kev-n), that’s exactly what I was seeing before I did them one at a time. Although it’s difficult to know if that was really what made it work in the end!

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