Engine Prime 1.2.1 crashing every times if i delete

when i got to the hd Folder type someting to search and the delete or mod my text Engine Prime 1.2.1 crashing

Crash Video 20181007_205309.mp4 (380.6 KB)

Hi @Danscvn

Thanks for bringing this to our attention. We are looking into this. In the meanwhile, can you give a bit of info about your system ie: what OS and version you’re using.

Searching file folders does not search sub folders. If you want to look for tracks, we suggest you add them to your collection first and then search for them.

Thank you

Win 10 64 bit

is it posibel to add folders in my collection to create automatic my folders as crates with drag them into the main collection? my folders = crates

Mine has crashed twice while working on my folders.

YES and the new v. 1.2.2 crashed to bug is don´t fixed