Engine OS v1.5.1 PRIME 4 font issue

I have since found that the enlarged text only allows me to view up to a certain date when tracks have been added. (April 2020) - Where as the smaller text allows me to view the entire track listing including everything I added on Friday 31st July.

Yes, but frankly, it is better with small fonts

Not asking for opinions, asking for assistance.

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@AIRVince Can you assist?

There are several issues tangled together here, I will try to address them as best as I can.

@DJ_AJC - It sounds like the issue you are running into is because you’re trying to work around another issue. The sizing preference was meant to be more or less as set and forget setting. I don’t quite follow what the issue you’re having with dates is. The I think the best thing to do would be to resolve whatever this date issue is so that there is no need to rapidly switch back and forth between the sizes. Let’s concentrate on that. Can you explain in more detail what this date issue is?

For people who are having booting issues while updating: While it’s probably a bit early to give an official statement on this - it does seems like people (@DJMarcoMarco, @jamm) who had problems seem to have resolved the issue by downgrading by computer (holding eject when turning power on) and then updating using the USB/SD card update method.

@Deel - I would recommend trying this downgrade/upgrade if you haven’t already.

Cheers, V

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@AIRVince Thanks. This thread has been hijacked by so many now even I am losing the will to carry on… :slight_smile: Anyway the issue is that when the text is in the small font I can scroll the entire contents of my tracks, even the ones added via EnginePrime on Friday 31st July, so all is upto date. If I switch to lage text the date ordering stops at tracks added in April 2020 and cannot see anything thereafter which have been added.
Take a look at the video on YouTube and it jumps to another set of tracks because it cannot see the latest tracks added.

It was hijacked because of the title, I guess… Perhaps we needed to make it into a bug report.

yeah it became the general 1.5.1 update thread when there wasn’t an “official” one

This thread was created by @DJ_AJC because of a problem and therefore should not be used to write generic comments on the firmware. Instead the following thread is more generic on the new firmware: LINK

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Someone who is able should change the thread title, or more people will post here about the OS.


I am contemplating to move posts.


Tried to the best of my abilities to move off-topic posts to appropriate other topics. Please keep this one only about the font issue.

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I can confirm same behaviour as well.


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I’m looking into your ‘Date Added’ issue. Would you be able to share with me your affected Engine Library? Preferably a dropbox link.


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PK what do you mean? Maybe in v1.5.1 the fonts of the small displays have been changed and are now not good?

There are two issues here still.

Issue 1:

Switching to the larger display font will cause the track list to loose focus if it is not at the very top.

Solution/Workaround - switch font sizes before scrolling and selecting a track.

Issue 2:

Switching to the larger display font will cause a percentage of tracks at the very end of the list not to show up.

Solution/Workaround - Exit the track list and then re-enter it to show the full list.

For discussion

My understanding is that this is a setting that the vast majority of people prefer one way or another, and hardly any people are switching back and forth with any regularity. While both of these issues are valid in their own right, the majority of Prime OS users are not likely to encounter them because of this “set and forget” workflow.

Is this a correct assessment? If you are someone who is switching back and forth constantly, I’d like to hear your reasons and workflow. This will have an impact on how we treat these bugs going forward.


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I really don’t care about your opinion nor your post. Just don’t hijack for your own benefit.


There’s about 20 things. Just read the release post.

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