Engine loads as background process

I wonder if anybody can help me…when i click on the engine .exe file it loads as a background process and not as an application so it doesnt show the GUI. I have uninstalled and reinstalled numerous of times but it just keeps doing the same thing…Any Ideas? Also when it did work it didnt save beatgrids keys and cue points to the analysed files this is the same in Engine Prime that also doesnt save any grids keys or cue points and that sometimes opens up in chinese any help would be appreciated. Thanks

It seems very unusual that Engine would do that.

The only time that I’ve known programs do that is when th program already is running in the background and won’t open again while the background task is still running. You could try “task list” and stop all processes which show as Engine.

Have you ever had Engine start and run successfully? As many people are getting on really well with Engine Prime.

You could try a different pc, a different user ID (windows sometime has funny turns about Admin/user accounts). Also anti virus etc might be getting in the way

yes i had it working then it just stopped …and yes it loads on another pc i just cant understand it as was working 1 day and the next it wasnt…ended task in task manager but everytime i open it it just loads as a background process as for prime that crashes as soon as it loads