Engine DJ Bluetooth Switches to 2-Way (microphone enabled)

I have Engine DJ 2.0.2, After the update, I noticed that my bluetooth headphones switch to the “2-way” mode when I open the application. This is the mode used for a phone call where the audio quality is reduced and the microphone is enabled. Was there, by chance, some mistake made?

Maybe Denon plans soon to activate a BT feature on the hardware? We know all the units contain not just wifi but also a BT module.

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I also thought yesterday about the bluetooth, and how they could implement it for maybe let us stream to and from the device. It would nice, that you could spend one channel then as bluetooth channel to stream in from a smartphone or tablet, and also choose that the master could transfered to bluetooth as well.

I know that there will be some latency. but for only playing out to a small bluetooth speaker would be a nice add on. :wink: