Engine Crashes When Analyzing Songs in Collection

Hello there. So, I’m using the latest build of Engine Prime on Windows 10. I’ve selected all my music in iTunes and imported them as a crate to my EP collection. That has been successful, and most of my keys/bpms/hot cues from Mixed in Key appear to have been successfully imported.

However, when I ask EP to analyze the songs for beatgrid purposes, so I can pack them all into my Prime 4 internal drive, it invariably crashes. It gets through perhaps 60 at a time before it crashes to the desktop with no error messages. I have about 31k songs to analyze. This obviously kills the appeal of having an internal drive in the first place.

I’m running this on an i7-7500U CPU at 2.7ghz with 16 gbs of memory and a 512gb SSD.

Any help?

Hi @laba87, have you tried analysing smaller batches of songs?

I had the same problem on my i3 laptop, now I do it on my old Quad Core 6600 PC (old 775) with 8Gb of ram and it goes pearls despite being an old PC I do not understand how it is that in a more modern computer gives those problems


EP has successfully analyzed a crate of ~3000 songs, it just crashed again while trying to analyze ~10k. I’m trying again right now with ~350 songs.

I’d really rather not do this in piecemeal fashion, though, if there’s a possible solution.

what about autoanalysis option for the bulk of your library?

Is it the drive in a Prime 4?

Go into settings switch on auto analysis

Does that crash as well?

It just crashed again at an attempt to analyze ~350 songs.

I’m wary of using AutoAnalysis because I’ve read either on these forums or elsewhere (perhaps the Serato forums) that doing so will clear your saved cue points/bpms/key analysis and replace the bpms and keys with EP’s. I’d rather not do that, since Mixed in Key provides excellent key analysis.

mine is crashing too everytime I try to transfer from my collection on ssd PC to my samsung external ssd hard drive 1tb ~20k tracks works perfectly on serato. i then transfer from serato to my collection on EP then to the ssd external hard drive . it took me hours this process and it is a pain in the xxx… for me to transfer everything and at the end still not being able to copy all tracks . I am using win 10 Intel i7 8th gen 32go ram ssd 2x 2tb and external ssd for players 1tb ssd t3 samsung. please guys fix this software. I really like the hardware I owned the sc5000 with x1800 then I swapped with prime 4 to finally end back with sc5000m and x1800.


No it won’t undo any of your Serato stuff. That’s one great thing about EP. it keeps its own stuff seperate.

Bpm, Beatgrids, Cues etc are all stored in EP database and not the tracks ID tags (unlike other software). Think of it as a firewall.

I’m not sure about Keys though. But that been said, you are already trying to manually analyse so it will be the same outcome with the keys in autoanalysis.

There is currently no option for selective analysis , it’s all or none. Unlike other software where you can choose to do only bpm/grid, keys only, waveform only etc

You can have a song as 100bpm in Serato and it will be 70bpm in EP (That’s the BPM issue that’s well reported now and beyond the scope of this thread)

So switch on autoanalysis and see how you fare with the crashing.

If you already have cue points etc imported from Serato , they will not disappear

Yeah, I want my keys to stay put for the purpose of harmonic mixing. I’m also not sure how AutoAnalysis would fix the problem. Wouldn’t asking EP to analyze tracks essentially do the same thing as AutoAnalysis?

I tried a batch analysis again today, while watching Windows Task Manager. Analysis with EP seems to be an incredibly CPU intensive task. I watched EP’s usage climb from roughly 60% when it began analyzing to upwards of 95-97% before it crashed again. I’d surmise that what’s making EP crash is when it starts hitting the 100% CPU usage threshold.

I’m trying a smaller batch of 107 tracks right now and EP is running 15 different processes and is consuming 80 - 90% of my CPU. Annnnnd it just crashed again. This is seeming intractable and I don’t understand why EP uses so much CPU when it’s, essentially, just beatgridding tracks and updating its database.

This is…not a good look. Serato can analyze my entire musical library without ever crashing. Traktor, which I’ve never really used, can do the same. Both platforms also offer fully fledged DJ use, while EP doesn’t. I got a Prime 4 and installed a hard drive in it so I could have my musical library “primed” and ready for use in case I need a random track that isn’t in my designated DJ folder.

I love the machine, but the software is compelling me to return back to the stability of Serato. Is there any kind of fix for this? It’s kind of unacceptable to have to use an unreliable application for musical analysis for use with a $1700 DJ unit. I owned an MCX8000 before the Prime 4, so I have respect for Denon’s hardware. I just never thought that Engine Prime would be so lackluster. Is there any possible solution?

Are you aware that irrespective of how you trigger the analysis Engine Prime will analyse your tracks for Key?

You can’t select or deselect any categories of what to analyse for.

I think you’re putting too much emphasis on engine prime crashing while analysing “a big number” of songs. I suspect the number of songs being analized is irrelevant, & it’s got more to do with the software coming across a corrupt file that it can’t analize, then crashing.

Break your files down in to smaller chunks & try & identify which file is causing the the programme to crash while analizing.

I just tried 10 tracks, none of which are corrupt, and the CPU usage still vaulted up to 80+% and EP crashed.