Engine 1.5 is being... pathetic (please help me! + feature request)

So, I’ve just gotten my MCX8000, and I’ve been hoping to use it in standalone mode. However, I am finding engine unusably unintuitive. It seems so bad that I think I may have more than a few settings wrong, so I’d appreciate it if anyone could shed any light.

The BPM analysis of my tracks it completely wrong. It analyses anywhere +/- 2 BPM of the actual bpm, from what I’ve found. Further, all readings seem to be in decimals. This is horribly stupid, as I can’t think of a single house producer who produces at 125.43 bpm. Having to manually change everything is tedious, at best. What’s infuriating is that Engine Prime has worked out as the best at analysing BPM (even compared to Serato, Prime seems to prevail).

I’m hating the beat marker something or other (I’m too lazy to check) where it places the tempo markers at each spike in the signal as opposed to just each beat (like Engine). It seems impossibly mindless that there be no option to toggle between the two (so I both think and hope I merely have a setting wrong).

Engine has refused to analyse keys. I know many similar pieces of software don’t but… well, Serato has it, Traktor has it, and, most frustratingly, ENGINE PRIME HAS IT! I’ve heard that Engine only displays key if it’s in the metadata (?). I wish it would analyse it (like Prime).

So, forked out for the MCX8000, I can’t mix in key, can barely use Engine, can’t use tempo-related features (looping etc), can’t see the correct BPM displayed (which I, as pretty much a beginner, am finding as kind of imperative if I want to be able to beat match!), and struggle to sync strong beats and off beats with those of the other track, as I don’t have tempo markers (just the annoying ones on each spike, which, further, don’t even show up on the actual player’s display).

I’ve read about a 2.0 firmware coming out soon? I really hope you guys at Denon do step it up there. If you’re going to come out with an MCX8000 MKII, can you at least implement these fundamental things, or make Engine user-friendly before you forget about us MKI oldies?

Again, if anyone can help out with any of these things, I’d greatly appreciate that. Sorry for the essay, by the way :stuck_out_tongue: