Engine 1.3.2 (Exporting File Revision/Edits to USB)

I’m VERY happy to say I’m loving my MCX8000 more after the updates to Engine Prime. For the first time, I went TOTALLY standalone for a gig last night and the night went flawless! From what I have noticed so far, the BPM’s are on par with my Serato Library. I did have several tracks that the BPM was incorrect in Prime, but it was also incorrect in Serato. This was something that I didn’t notice until after the export to USB.

THE BIG QUESTION: How do you update a track that has already been exported to your USB?

HERE’S THE ANSWER: This process will capture all edits and revisions to a file (BPM, Metadata)

  1. REMOVE THE FILE FROM YOUR USB: In Engine Prime, go to the DEVICES window, on your USB find the file to be edited, RIGHT CLICK the file and and choose ‘Remove From Collection’. Do this for each file that you will be changing.

  2. Run ‘EXPORT TO MCX8000’ (this will remove the file information from your USB).

  3. Drag the file back to the USB drive

  4. Make the necessary edits to the file.

  5. Run the ‘EXPORT TO MCX8000’

  6. The edits will be saved to your USB and appear when you load it onto your MCX8000.

This process has worked for me and hopefully for you too.

Big thanks to the DENON DJ for working hard to get this right. I can now say that the MCX8000 IS A GREAT STANDALONE player. It doesn’t have all the ‘bell and whistles’ of a Prime 4 has but it is a bonafide option if you want ot play without a laptop. #ChangeYourRider


Thanks for that.

I tried replacing three tracks last week and it was a bit of a mess. After thinking about it I thought this method might work and was going to try it next time I had a file to replace.

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It’s my pleasure. I’ve been watching your posts for sometime and I know that we both feel that the MCX80000 has great potential and have been looking forward to the software and firmware to catch up with it. It looks like it’s finally getting there. There’s still some things that can be done with Engine Prime to make it more user friendly and improvements to music management, and implemention of features of the MCX8000 that has yet to come to fruition (i.e. Stagelinq that I don’t think will happen and not a priority for me at this point), but I’m happy for now that I can confidently use the MCX8000 in standalone.

I’m a video DJ now with a monitor built on to my stand (using VDJ which is brilliant) but the MCX is a great controller for it.

I have a couple of identical memory sticks in the MCX for backup but I’ve never had to actually do a whole gig in standalone. saying that there was one night in the 80s club I used to work in where the club PC died and I did 3 hours standalone and it worked fine.

The main issue for me is Prime. It is very basic and just difficult to use. I still think if denon really want to push standalone players they need to emulate or better popular DJ software, and right now for ease of use and features (especially library management) Prime isn’t even close. It’s a bit of a joke actually.

As stated in another post I could use the MCX8000 in standalone for gigs but I wouldn’t choose to. It’s simply not anywhere close to the setup I have been using for years and Prime is again the main thing letting it badly down.


Great setup!

I agree. I don’t use Engine Prime at all for music management, but I’m happy now to that atleast have the ability export and revise files to USB.

As for VDJing, I’ve been using Serato Video for a few years now. Doesn’t have as many features as Virtual DJ but works pretty well for me.