Engin Prime v. 1.5.1 -> Sync button light

Hello, Since I moved to the last firmware on my SC5000, the sync button is lit, even if I disable it. One the last firmware, it was off. Because I do not use this founctionality, It’s really confusing. So, could you please make this light back to completly off in the next firmware?? I really don’t understand why you change that… Much better before, no? Thank you, Hervé, Geneva.


The light is not fully on, but it is dimmed. I think this was made due to requests of people, that don’t see the button in the complete dark club environment.

Then they should make this user selectable as I agree it was better, for my needs, before the change.

I agree I am not a fan of this, I much preferred the old way, its quite hard at a glance to see if its on or not.

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already talked about this. see https://denondjforum.com/t/after-updating-to-1-5-1

Closing this one. Please see the link above by Joxani.