Effector & sampler

This is a request.

Denon - make a standalone DJ effector & sampler all in one unit that can used with the SC6000/M that stay’s in time via Bpm sync. With the built in Engine IOS. I tried other brands and they do not stay in sync as advertised. I use a four channel rotary mixer and two SC6000’s or. (effector & sampler) Do this via a software internal upgrade on the SC6000 that a user can do this on the player itself. An option in preferences. Thank You.


Technically it’s not, as it is not in the right section and not with the right template.

Furthermore, there really isn’t much that is not already discussed on the forum for future ideas so: use the search function, go ahead and like a topic or add to the discussion!

As for a sampler, see this large topic with nice mock-ups: Any plans for a DJS1000 style sampler

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