Eco friendly packaging

I also think a trade-in program will go a long way - discount voucher on next purchase with any authorised retailer.

Broken gear can be refurbed and sold/donated


I foxed a lot of dj gear in my life that was going completely to scrap because of some minor issues. Almost all parts can be exchanged (even going down to single electronic component level). Refurbishment programs and re-using the older products is a very good way to deal with piling up trash and makes a lot of lower grade users very happy without breaking a bank.

Well just look at both my previous and current controllers, the MC6000 and MCX8000. They both need major dismanting to replace the part that wears out the most, the deck faders.

The MC6000 had an additional problem where the play/pause tact switches stopped working after short periods due to poor manufacturing quality.

It takes hours to get them apart and put them back together for something so minor. The design of these things is poor and does not encourage repair as the hourly labour costs are so high once out of warranty.

I get the point, I do …

Though, the video by Jamie “sales pitch Crossfader” Hartley seemed pointless and just an excuse to make out like he cares whilst getting £$-Content-$£ out to the Tube-Algorithm and a quick sly promotion.

He asks “how can we change”, when he already showed how the change can be made in the video by switching from polystyrene to cardboard and recycling. Showing that all he’s really doing is playing “Pied Piper” for the comments/likes/subs.

Nothing like jumping on a current trend band-wagon though, eh, Jamie? It’s all commerce after all, and I know that’s all you’re about …