Dual layer back to back djing - how to keep different folder for each layer?

Hello, next to a Vinyl set up we only had place for one Denon SC6000. So if we dj digitally, we do it back to back on the dual layer function - which works like a charm. However, a set up would be this:

Layer A: Person 1 has on the USB stick a playlist (Techno) Layer B: Person 2 has on another USB stick his playlist (Breakbeat)

After Person A makes the transition to his, then Person B wants to play from his tracks and has to navigate EVERY time again to his device and to his playlist.

Is there a way that a layer stays with the device and playlist? It is quite annoying for back to back djing if it always takes the last playlist opened for both layers.

Any ideas? :slight_smile:

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This would be a feature request. When you play alone I’m pretty sure you have to navigate between playlists on your own. Because a lot of the tracks you are playing will most likely come from one set playlist before you jump to another playlist and play a bunch of songs from there before you jump to another.

However let’s say you are the only dj and you have 2 playlists one strictly for techno and one only for breakbeats. What do you do?

You can either navigate back and forth between the two playlists or dump it all into one playlist.

For b2b djing usually one guy plays for like 15-45mins however what I get for what you asking is to make it easier for b2b after only one track.

Havent tested this, but if you use 2 different usbs, does it reset the folder structure etc when you change from usb1 to usb 2? This could be easy fix if you change source, ur still in the folder u left before changing.

Hey, @stAMy yes it resets. When i switch source I am back in the “root folders” (i dont know how to call it, I have my tracks in playlist exported with engine pime though)

@Wyley1 So we are often friends djing like back to back, often switching back to the other after every track… we know we could just dj for 30 minutes each before we switch, but we just have fun switching often so everyone has something to do. (we are not professionals, we just do it for fun.) It is just a little bit annoying to switch back to my usb stick into my playlist after every track that my mate played and so on. putting it all into one usb stick into the same playlist would be hell of confusing for us, we all have different engine prime libraries and want to play “our” tracks.

Thank you both for the responses :slight_smile: