DS1 with Rekordbox DVS

Can someone please help? I am trying to get my DS1 to work with Rekordbox and everytime I select the ds1 as the audio it says that it has an error with opening it. I have uninstalled the driver and reinstalled it and it keeps not working.

Probably more of a question to ask on the Rekordbox forum if it’s rekordbox thats generating the error. However, one thing to try, as with any USB device, if it’s connected via a USB Hub, especially an unpowered one, it’s worth trying to connect it directly to a USB port with no hub. Sometimes hubs get in the way.

I figured it out:) I installed “Asio4All”, selecting “off-line settings” and set the DS1 to multichannel in/out. Works perfect!

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Hey Lure,

Could you clarify selecting 'offline '? Trying to set up my ds1 to rekordbox but no hope.

I got the ASIO4ALL V2 software version so not sure if that’s the problem.

Ah I got you. Just tried it but no luck still. Might be because I’m running dvs