DS1 Audio Skipping/Crunching

Just bought a DS1 as a backup for my tour in case I get a problematic 900 mixer.

My DS1 suffers from little skips and crackles, baby audio dropouts where it goes silent for an instant and then jumps back to life.

I can see the software wave display lurching with each of these crackle moments.

I’m using a 2017 Macbook pro, Big Sur OS, fresh and direct USB C to B cable. I’ve tried swapping cables, ports, etc. and also rebooting. Nothing seems to stop the issue.

The sound is also noticeably worse than using the 900 as a sound card.

Did i get a broken DS1 or something?

Please help. I leave for tour tomorrow night and do not want to have to carry an MC4000 across America again.

Did you try with a different buffer setting?

Yes. None of the buffer settings are any different.

This computer is maxed out too. Maximum processor, 16GB of ram. It runs serato and mix Emergency without breaking a sweat normally.

Hi @ILLGATES - Considering you tried various troubleshooting steps, it’s probably best to connect you with a technical support agent. Can you DM us your info and we’ll get you situated? (name, email, phone number)

Thanks in advance!