Dropbox local storage / Over capacity issue

Running into an annoying problem with Dropbox integration. When I try to sync Playlists to Dropbox via Sync Manager, Sync Manager shows I’m over capacity. It gives me a size labeled “Dropbox local storage”, which I assume is meant to be the space on my local hard drive (where the Dropbox folder is located).

However, the number is completely wrong. Neither do I run into a limit locally nor on Dropbox. Any idea, why Sync Manager assumes I’ve got limited space?

I guess my key question here is: Where does Engine DJ (Mac) get its “Dropbox Local Storage” size from. On my machine Engine DJ Sync Manager says “Dropbox Local Storage: 386.6 GB”. I’ve got > 1 TB local hard drive capacity, there’s no quota on the local dropbox folder and Dropbox on the web reports > 1 TB of free cloud capacity.

Why doesn’t Engine DJ allow me to sync to Dropbox then?

While I love the DENON DJ Hardware, the quality of the desktop software really starts to annoy me…