Do you know how to record your microphone into audacity through X1850 mixer?

Hi guys,

I just wondered if anyone knows how to record your microphone into audacity please? I’m able to record my mixes into audacity but when I connect my mic to my X1850 mixer which is connected to audacity it doesn’t pick my voice up when I speak into my microphone. I must be missing something as I’m pretty new to all of this haha.

Any help or advice would be very much appreciated.



It’s cliché but Read The Fabulous Manual on page10.


Edit: I don’t see this option anymore on my mixer.

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Thanks Reese, I did take a look in the manual but like you say I don’t see this option either on my mixer. I appreciate your help on this though :slight_smile:

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Another option is to use the unbalanced master outputs (rca) instead of the record rca outputs. You should get everything including mic.

The booth out is another option as well.

I wonder if switching to “broadcast mode” may capture the mics