DNS-3700 disc error while disc loading


New here at this forum, so please be patient with me. One of my 3700 players recently had a problem saying "disc error" It occured while having usb-stick in the player and when trying to switch from usb back to cd. Use original cd’s and when sliding the disc into the other player no problem. Anyone got a tip on how to get this solved?

Any help greatly appreciated.

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in terms of most common issues, this could simply be a build up of dirt, dust or other particles on the CD lens. Blowing a few puffs from a can of compressed air into the CD slot, from just outside the slot (never inside) could clear the lens if dirt is blocking it. Different CD lens cleaning disc are available but anything physically touching the lens, even briefly

Unfortunately, CD players use a number of mechanisms in order to track the laser lens across the disc, spinning the disc itself, loading and ejecting the CD etc. Any of these movements could be impaired currently, causing that error and wouldn’t be user fixable from outside the unit. It’s worth trying the can of compressed air as a first, non-intrusive step.