DNS-3000 CDJ's won't play mp3 cd's

Hi there, just wondered if anyone might be able to help… I’ve owned a pair of Denon DNS-3000 CDJ’s for some time now and more recently I have needed to be able to play mp3 cd’s on them. The problem is that they both refuse to recognise mp3 cd’s and put up a disc error message on the display. I have checked the software version and it seems to be up to date, I’ve also tried re-installing the newest software following the instructions online but they still won’t recognise them. The same burnt cd’s work perfectly in Pioneer CDJ1000 mk3’s. Any help would be much appreciated or if not can anyone please point me in the direction of someone that might be able to? Many thanks, Julian

Have you checked the manual to see what kind of mp3 files are supported (VBR vs CBR, 44.1khz vs 48khz,…) and compared it to the files that you are trying to play?

Thanks for the input - I’m pretty sure I had been through everything in the manual regarding format etc but will go back and have another look! It might be worth trying an mp3 cd burnt on a different laptop etc…

You have to check the specs of the unit you have and make the appropriate changes to your collection. Period.