DN-X500 CPU PCB ASSY burned?


I come to you for some technical questions…

I wanted to repair channel1 of my DN-X500 that was not working. When re-assembling, I unfortunately inverted the 2 flexes coming from the power supply to the CPU PCB ASSY and the MIXER PCB ASSY.

The fuse burned but I think the processor also.

In fact, the sound still flows from the entries to the master but the commands does really strange things. The “EQ ON” deselects when I press the CUE buttons, the sound is always going through the crossfader even if the selector is set on “POST”…

I would like to know if spare parts are still availible and if my analyse is good? (Without the complete scheme, it is really difficult to find what can be burned). For channel 1 I think it is due to one OP-amp on MIXER PCB ASSY, it should be great if I could have a scheme.

Thanks, Julien Desailly

This would be something which only an authorised service center could appraise and offer information on, once the mixer was back in their possession. Connecting the polarity from the power supply to the CPU does indeed sound fairly serious, but difficult to diagnose remotely.