DN-MC6000 MK1 Crackling

Hey there - I have a consistent crackling on the left side of my 6000 mk1 output. Sound almost like power surges or a grounding issues or a dirty pot. I’ve had the Left XL output replaced locally. Anyone have any ideas?

Hi there, sorry to hear you’re having this difficulty.

Is the crackling only audible through the master output connectors, or can you hear the same crackling through other outputs eg: booth output, headphones, the rca/phono outputs? Or just the master?

Also are the crackles audible regardless of which inputs are used eg: just channel 1? All channels? Only channels run through the crossfader etc?

Also what event makes the crackle audible ? Eg: when raising or lowering a fader, when rotating a particular control?


Hey there - only on master xlr output. You can hear it with all volumes turned down - ie. just plugged in - and on both powered and passive speakers.

All channels, all lines.

No specific event makes it occur. It does vary in volume it seems but for no reason.

If I run only the R side XLR plugged in - ie mono - you don’t hear it.

It also comes and goes?

Is there any reason not to think this is the cause?

That’s what I was checking by asking whether the crackle was audible through any other outputs.

It would be worth contacting whoever replaced the xlr recently to see if they offered a guarantee with their repair.

It was happening before I replaced. Local repair guy thought it was a bad XLR pot so replaced. Nothing changed. It comes and goes during my set last night.

He does. The issue is it didn’t fix the problem. Clearly. I don’t think it is the xlr output because the sound comes and goes and because it occurs when just plugged in and no volumes/lines are up or moving.

If the problem was the XLR connector and changing that didn’t solve the problem, then it lies elsewhere. The only thing that can really be wrong with an XLR connector is a loose wire/cracked soldering point. So putting in a new one, one assumes the wires are soldered on solid this time and checked for that.

Looking at the block diagram of the MC6000, it seems the problem would be somewhere in the DSP/DAC/Op-amps part, as that is the only part that carries sound to the XLR outputs. Should be easy to test for the guys at Denon service department.

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I guess I have to ship…any idea where? Is there a Denon service department in Canada??

I’ll leave that one to the Denon staff. Or check here and contact (I am guessing in your case) World Headquarters. Alternatively your dealer should be able to handle this stuff for you.

We’ve got.a list of service centers pinned at the top of the General Section:



There used to be one up in Markham Ontario. They used to do repairs for Denon home audio and DJ equipment (as well as other brands…?). Not sure if they still can do basic repairs there as a regular non authorized repair facility. I believe Denon moved their authorized Canadian sales/repair operations to New Jersey (?).

Anyway, try calling and see what they say. This was their address the last time I checked.