DN-HD2500 HDD Replacement specs

I am looking to “upgrade” the internal HDD on my 2500. It is a Fujitsu MHW2040AT, PATA, 5400, obviously 40gB. How big can i go with a new hdd? can a SATA drive be used in its place? the pin configuration appears to be the same. I know there is a 50k song limit, but with the way I ripped at 320, I have very large audio files and the 40gB is not big enough. This was my primary ages ago, before I moved on to the HC4500, then the MC6000 and MKII. I am trying to set this up in the “unlikely” event my PC and Backup PC, or my 6000 sit the bed at an in-opportune time, I can ride out a party with my 2500. Also, I have tons of playlists that I can interchange for cocktail, dinner, cake, desert, etc. and using this would be more convenient than the VDJ on my PC. But mostly for backup purposes. So, anyone change the HDD? It’s an easy swap, just need to find out how big I can go, and if I am locked into a PATA 5400. Thanks!!!

Internally, you can install drives of up to 1TB … but only the first 120/128gig will be recognised by the HD2500.

Externally, the 2500 will address (via a mains powered USB hub) four x 1TB drives fully, with up to 50,000 tracks per drive.

As well, the track limitations are 1000 per folder (and that includes all sub folders).

Just make a new folder when you get close to 1000 tracks to be on the safe side, and remember to put each new folder on the root drive so they all show up when the drive is accessed by the deck.

The last time I checked, a 120GB drive should give you space for around 15,000 to 30,000 tracks (?) depending on the MP3 bitrate used for your collection.