Djay Pro Support request

Will like an official mapping or support for Djay Pro for the 8000.

It seems like a capable back up/request software especially with the way Spotify is integrated.

I’m going to double the request in the Algoriddim forum too.

Update The request for support in the Algoriddim forum is about a 100 post deep with a bit of official acknowledgement that they are keeping an eye on it. Will see how it goes.


Hi Mufasa,

I spoke with the Algoriddim team earlier this week and we are looking to add official support for MCX8000 and MC7000 in their summer release.

I also want this support for my mobile gigs! Will keep you posted. :slight_smile:


@Jason_DenonDJ will keep an eye out. Thanks. Some user maps are available but no screens :confused: I will wait for the official support and continue poking around a bit with 6000MK2 which I see is supported already.

And VDJ already has an 8000 mapping complete with screen support too.

I know. that’s another 300 bucks easy for what I can achieve with Djay pro.

Just need a way to use Spotify for the odd gig I’m not looking for another entire robust dj software. Already neck deep in Serato.

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I didn’t mean instead of DJ Pro, but just an indication that official or at least functional support is growing for the MCX8000 which is always good news.

It is good news that the algoriddim team is working to give support to the many users of our beloved MCX8000. This support that we will have natively how we can make it work, is it going to be an update that includes mapping? Or do we have to install some files for it to work? And my last question, will be available for djay pro windows, only for osx or for both operating systems?

to the best of my knowledge, djay pro support is usually plug and play on the Mac side of things. It automatically detects official software and you accept a prompt, one click and you are set.

That’s how it was with my 6000 MK2

Some official support is not available for Windows.

So gave Pulselocker another try today. It’s come a long way. Looks like the way to go now as DJay Pro support is still in the pipeline.

They even recommend an app to convert playlist from popular streaming services including YouTube. That’s how you get folks to use your stuff.

The library is cleaned up too initially it was populated with covers and tribute versions

Its 20usd a month to have the offline capabilities ie download your playlist and dj without Internet , and thats the downside for me as I already have Spotify premium. 10 bucks would have been the sweet spot.

Anyways I’m going to use it tonight with Serato and see how it performs in the real world.