Displaying more info on tracks when folder is chosen

I thought on something when mixing during the weekend. On the players there is a lot of space going to show folder/folder structure when you dig deeper and down to your playlist. There is an arrow to click going back in the top, you have the back button and you are able to click on the folders next to the playlist you’re inside to reselect folder. Wouldnt it be better if you first click into playlist, it doesnt display folder on the side to free space for more track info? With this you will be able to see bpm/key, comments, artist, song name etc. Kinda like the box you get when you click “info” button on Pioneer when you hover a song.

I could see its more benefitial to see more info about the tracks than show alle the folders with the tracks at the same time? The folds is just a button click away anyways. I have not made a request about this yet cause I wanted to hear what other people think of this.


I need this for comments, I have a lot of useful keywords I put in comments. Right now I have to long-tap the tracks to open info “window” with comments, but it’s not as quick as I would like


Couldn’t agree more @stAMY & @Dooter!

I rely heavily on my track comments when figuring out what track to play next. The current workflow is quite clunky.

In the Browse View the space to the left of the track list could usefully display track comments.

Another option would be allow scrolling though the track list, with the select knob, when the information window is open.

Lastly, would be good to add the option of closing the information window with the back button.

Hoping the Denon devs can take a look at this request!


Requested here


Agree with this whole thread, esp @rodhogan 's comments. I also rely heavily on track comments (as well as star ratings, key, and other metadata, but mostly track comments) to choose my tracks while performing. The current interface lets you see a single property if (and only if) you sort by that property.

There’s a lot of screen real-estate available (I have a Denon Prime 4) which could certainly be better used to display this information.

Yes please to ALL of this!

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Yes please add comments!

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