Digital versus analog RCA

Good evening all,

I’ve never used digital cables with any of my audio equipment, but I noticed that my SC6000 has ports for for digital interconnects. I’ll be getting the x1850 soon (it’s on back-order, currently), and I was wondering if you had any advice for using 75ohm digital cables as opposed to the standard analog RCA cables that come with the SC6000.

If I should use digital, do you have any reputable brand recommendations?

Thank you, kindly!

Don’t bother. Just use a single pair of the bundled analog RCAs for the SPDIF connections for each player. Most SPDIF cables are similar cables as the bundled ones, just with lower impedance terminations. Most SPDIF cables aren’t even actually 75ohm termination if you measure them, and at these short of lengths it makes little difference to the transmitter or receiver.


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