Did Denon made changes in the production?

I read a lot about issues with the x-1800 (crackling sound, audio drop outs). I read it everywhere, it seems like every piece has this problem after a couple of time. I have mine now for 2 months and want take it with me every weekend for weddings, party’s,…but it must be reliable! Did Denon changed the design for the units produced in 2018,2019,…?

I’m guessing it was bad batches coming out of China. I almost jumped on the mixer when they reduced the price but was leery of it as I’d seen some people post about build issues. I still own and use the X1700 (the last mixer Denon produced with top build quality) and after seeing more and more people with quality issues with the X1800, I’m so glad I held off.

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I used the X1800 mixer for more than 2 years, never had a problem. But did upgrade to the X1850, so it matches my switch from SC5000 to the SC6000s

The only issues I’ve had with denon equipment is the x1800. Never came across any issues on the 1850 (tho it is not my preferred mixer, it’s more solid than it’s predecessor)

I’ve had my X1800 for a few years now - never had an issue with it.


Same here - never an issue, I run my X1800 for 3 years now - still like new.


We had never luck with the X1800. The first unit was bought/delivered in Dez. 2019 during the promotion. DOA (Dead on Arrival) Oled was not working, buzzing/ ghost sounds. Denon replaced it in May 2020.

In November 2020 bought another setup. Mixer had issues in the first few days. More to read here:

It rumors that units are produced in Denon Factory Taiwan maybe Teipeh.

I think it’s Tainan city…