Denon V12 Turntables Review for DJing??

Has anyone here used this turntable only for Djing?? Using records of course.

Ive read complaints about the pitch not holding up…

I also have questions about what does it not have a pre-amp phono??

What cartridges do you guys recommend for this?

Im looking into getting two of these and a mixer to spin some of my vinyl records. :slight_smile:

Everything you’ll need to know is in the DJWORX review. Pitch fader is compared to the one on a 1200 so it’s no wonder people find it not up to their expectations (analog vs digital).

Preamp was not included because it messes the quality of the output, even when switched off. Your DJ mixer has a better quality preamp that you can use.

Okay thanks i read up on it and got some great info. Just wanted to get some feedback from other hear that have used it. What cartridges and needles do you guys recommend? AS far as the grounding. Does the Denon mixer allow us to ground it on it??

Needles is a personal choice. I use Grado DJ100’s on my SL turntables. Would buy them for a VL12 also.

Mixer review

As for grounding. Of course there is grounding… Underneath the letters D and J:

Nice! Thanks for the reply. Can someone explain the difference between the 1200 Analog pitch control and the Digital pitch control that the new V12s have. Im relatively new to all this. Digital VS Analog Pitch control??