Denon Tidal Discount for Denon Users?

Ive had a few minor set backs with the denon gear, wrong order turned up then mixer went kaput but i can see already that the sc5000m is potentially a strong contender to replace my existing traktor setup.

at the moment im carting aroud quite alot of gear + a diy system to intergrate spotify into my dj set up, its quite cumbersome and takes a little while to set everything up.

Once streaming is intergrated into my sc5000m my load and set up times will be severly reduced.

after watching this video i always thought spotify was the streaming service to go for but as in the video below explains Tidal has the lossless format which im sure is the way to go for any dj given the choice. With 40million songs on each platform i dont think youll be left wanting.

with that being said the lossless format subscription is very expensive, I wonder if denon could use its might and negotiate a forum wide discount for when the service is available?

Well, you do get a 3 months hifi for free now. :wink:

I don’t know if the voucher works for lossless. Under their normal rules, the time reduces to a half period for Premium (1,5 months).

In the end, the streaming service needs to make money AND need to pay artists. So, lifetime discount usually isn’t something they go for.

interesting times for dj’s, when do you think well have streaming on the sc5000m?

I don’t use streaming that much, usually buy tracks, but friends of mine are mobile DJ’s. Instead of using a phone with Spotify and a mini jack to the mixer, this is the best way for them to get that missing track.

Official statement for the SC’s is “soon”. :wink:

theres alot to be said for streaming, its not just that missing tune but also music discovery and other peoples self up dating playlists, one can find such inspiration from the likes of spotify. Paying for more than one streaming service is a bit of a sore point though especially when tidal could cost £20 a month.

Yes I realize that completely, but it’s just not for me. You are talking to a guy without Netflix, WhatsApp and Spotify. :woozy_face:

I do use Bandcamp and sometimes Beatport, but as I said, to buy tracks.