Denon sc6000m problem

Hi can anyone help I just picked up the sc6000m set up with the 1850 mixer upgrading from prime 4. Well I have only had them 2 weeks and one deck the motor stopped working and now its gone into updating motor 04.04 and just keeps rebooting. I have forced an update and still the same issue. With only being 2 weeks old I think a new replacement should be sent. Also if I send back il be left with nothing over Christmas. Is this a major fault or something stupid

Hi @Anthony27uk - Sorry to hear of the trouble. If the unit continuously reboots itself after updating the firmware then unfortunately it may require service.

Just to confirm, you held down EJECT + SOURCE + LAYER while powering on and attempted to send the desktop update again?

Thanks for the reply. Yes I tried that and got it into update mode. Updated it and same again. Its away back to denon as they said they need to ship in parts and would make it an a1 piorty.they then forgot to book it with courier which delayed it another few days. The problem is they are a Christmas present and a very expensive one at that as it was the full denon set I don’t know if I will get it back for Christmas eve. Even at that its brand new not even from the shop two weeks. Set up and checked and it failed. All in all I dont know if I want a faulty unit fixed and sent back. I’d rather have a new replacement but I am being told no one can get them . I would be happy with this fixed send by Christmas eve and then swapped out for a new one when they become available. Or what else can be done. A £4000 present that we can’t give. Its turning into a nightmare. Any help would be great