Denon SC5000 Touch Screen

Hi All, I’m new to the forum and want to see if anyone has experienced the same issue with the screen on the SC5000. After approx 10 mins use the screen flickers as if the screen brightness is cycling between low through mid and high. Its very sporadic and lasts for approx 5 seconds each time. It could be a firmware glitch or maybe hardware related. Anyway, I thought I would ask to see of anyone has any way of rectifying this. Its more annoying than anything else. I’m running the latest firmware and all network cables running to X1800 are connected etc. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks Andrew

To my knowledge, I’ve never had this occur on the 6 units I’ve used. Is it just one unit doing this?

Hi, thanks for coming back. Yes just one of them. It only happens randomly and only for a few seconds at a time.

I don’t have six. I’m thinking in terms of units I’ve used. So six total have been in my possession at one time or another so that I can say zero for six had flickery screens. I also have both non-Ms and Ms now. I plan eventually using a pair of non-Ms for tutoring and open decks.

That sounds like something you should either swap it for another unit from where ever you got them or contact InMusic to get that one serviced.

Probably right. I will contact the service centre. Thanks

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