Denon SC3700 and Traktor Pro 2 - Four Deck Control Mapping - 2017

LED indication, playlist control, filter 92, multiple effects and layered to control two Traktor decks with one Denon SC3700. This is a pure midi mapping effectively using the Denon SC3700 as a controller only. I also spent a lot of time documenting functionality, macros, modifers, LEDs and commenting in the controller manager.

When you turn on an effect on a deck in focus, it turns it off for other decks so you can void inadvertant mud and slip ups + tons more in the documentation.

For those into the spinning platters, I am finalizing a hybrid midi version that provides for spinning platter control of Traktor decks using the built in time code - I will post a link here when that is ready.

Download the in-depth tutorial PDF and TSI files and watch the walk through video here: