Denon Prime 4 VirtualDJ

very good product at first use, but disappointed not to be able to use Virtualdj 2020 correctly, which I have been using for more than 5 years. having to start all over again and a waste of time and I think I will resell it if there is no correct possibility


The answer would be: resell.

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really a shame, it’s not an answer that I expected. happy New Year

Perhaps everything will work out in time, but for now no support.

This is primarily a standalone device. Third party midi support was never guaranteed.

Basically you bought the wrong item if VDJ support is your primary objective.

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more people are pressing for compatibility Virtualdj and Denon prime and maybe we will be right to do that they give us the opportunity to be able to use Prime and Virtual, great

The only software that had guaranteed support for the Prime 4 was Serato. Anything else would be a nice bonus but not a sure thing.

Might want to read up on the kit you are buying, DJ gear is particularly expensive to purchase without putting in the effort to research first.


No one stops you from keeping the unit and using it for what it is at the moment, as it is a very capable piece of equipment. If, in the future, Denon DJ will add support for Virtual DJ also you will be a happy man along with many others that use this software. But, at the moment of purchase, there was no claim from Denon DJ that Prime 4 has Virtual DJ support.


during my purchase the seller told me yes, and I found a tutorial that said it was operational. hope now that it becomes, because the more I search the more there are people who want it to be VirtualDj compatible, thank you for your answers

If you visit Virtual DJ forum you will see many discussions about Prime 4 not being able to work with Virtual DJ yet.

But, honestly, take a good look at your freshly bought piece of equipment and try to get to know eachother. It just might be that you will fall in love with your “baby”. If you decide that the “relationship” will not work between the two of you, I believe you have a certain amount of days available to return the unit, no questions asked.

Fingers crossed!:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I found a solution for those who wish to use Virtual Dj and prime 4. not at 100% it’s already a step forward

We have uploaded mapping files for the Denon DJ - Prime 4 You can install from within VirtualDJ Settings–>EXTENSIONS tab->Other->Custom mappers Requires a Pro License.

Mapping files do not include the Main Display and the AlbumArt of jogwheels, as they are part of the Denon SDK , which is still not operational.

There you are! Look like there is hope for the two of you!

magie de noel :slight_smile: l’espoir fait vivre Canaris

bonjour Satolivier

tu as deux partitions sur ton hd ou sdd interne ?

my friend on facebook is an official denon beta tester. he got vdj2020 working about 90 perfect. but its all midi. just wait a bit

this. opps. and yeah the guy who made this vid is the guy i mentioned

It’s still a custom mapping without any support.

I wanted the Prime4 but could not afford the extra price. I will be purchasing one before the end of the year as it is my intention to remove the laptop from my setup. My MCX8000 is 2 months old. If you would like to swop it I would be happy to make the exchange!

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For you that want to use VDJ with Prime units there is a interesting thread at VDJ forum.