Denon Prime 4 v1.4 - Suggestions for song search action

  1. You cannot search for songs in the selected folder. DENON Prime 4 searches the entire library,
  2. It would also be useful to speed up the search process

Is it possible to improve ???

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You find the search slow despite all the possibilities ?? I find it already very intuitive. What do you mean by “faster”?

if your audio files are tagged correctly we can easily find music and everything will depend on the medium used “ssd or usb stick” with good speed in reading and writing.

Like the feature request


all the dj software will search your tag into the selected folder only, this was maded for a faster search. Engine doesn’t work so. But to be faster has to copy the feature to the other dj software like traktor serato or rekordbox.

Exactly!!! It should search the selected folder. Engine Prime does it for computers. Why doesn’t it work like that in Prime 4?