Denon MCX8000 & Windows 7 64-bit

What are your experiences with the MCX8000 under Windows 7?

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Per the minimum system requirements, the MCX8000 and included Engine software will rqeuire Windows 8+, or Mac OS X 10.8+.

Let me know if there’s anything else I can help you with!

You’re not telling it won’t work on my W7 64 bit core 4710mq 24Gb RAM laptop? Never see this ‘strange’ minimum demands and it worked with Serato on my other W7 16Gb RAM PC!! First I love the new Denon products: really wonderfull but you Denon people make your new customers a bit crazy without reason! Beginning with endless re-typeing on yet another 10 token minimum password for this forum in a account with yet another , now way you’re gonna store this in your browser, password mania??(thats 100 x times more ‘safety’ than online banking!!) Must be a strange sence of humor or maybe skip the ‘DE’ in Denon…(ha ha) The 44.1 Khz razzmatazz Now I bought a new laptopbeast… 2 days of install re-install, driver mania… and it shall not work? Help! please or buy me a working beefy laptop! Luc (searching the valium…)

Well as long as it’s only “a bit” … we’re DJs … extrovert ilooks great on stage. :nerd_face: But be different with it too … Throw…erm muffins !

In practical terms there are a few great secure password systems for home computers where they’ll store many passwords and populate those passwords automatically when heappropriate pre-visited password input screen is re-visited.

Main problem:the unsigned Denon driver! (no, not a joke)

I found the solution by using this software: DSEO13b. you can download here

The load instructions are simple. As usual, TURN OFF UAC through Control Panel (or just type “UAC” in the search bar).

1. Run dseo13b.exe program.
2. Click "Enable test mode". This allows Windows 7 to be used for testing drivers.
3. We rebooted to be safe, and you will see a faint "Test mode" print in the corner.
4. Now, open Device Manager and find the location of the unsigned drivers that won't work, by expanding Properties and Driver Details. Your looking for something like C:\Windows\System32\drivers\xxxxxxx.sys (Mine is : C:\Windows\system32\DRIVERS\DenonDJMCX8000.sys for Denon MCX8000)
5. Run dseo13b.exe program again.
6. This time select "Sign a system file" and put in the location of the file you found in Device Manager.
7. Repeat for all files in question then close. You have now assigned a signature to those files.
8. Reboot.

After that, for the every time you start serato you have resetting your soundcard latency/ buffer to prevents the sounds drop for just in a minute (before you perform on stage). Then afterall, it will works normal.

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