denon mcx8000 usb without engine

Hi, I’m looking at buying the mcx8000. Just a few things I need clearing up on.

If I don’t convert my usb music files with engine, will my music files still run ok on the mcx8000?. If so, will I still be able to navigate through songs and see wave forms ?. Things like setting cue points and seeing bpm don’t bother me.

Also, I have mates that use pioneer and rekordbox. Would they still be able to plug in their usb sticks and use them on the denon ?. I have a numark at the mo and they can use their USB sticks fine on that. I wouldn’t want to invite them around for a mix to find that their usbs don’t work on the denon.

Many thanks

Hey Boatman

Your friends will be able to play just fine with their files on a USB stick but unfortunately they won’t see any cue points or loops that have been made in Rekordbox. If any of them have Serato data then that will show up as it’s reads Serato cue point data just nicely.

If you don’t run your music through the Engine software then they won’t have a lot of data to work with that keeps it tight but the files will play nicely. It’s better to run though Engine first to get the most out of the unit but if you just instantly play you can start mixing straight away.

Without Engine data I think of the capability of a CDJ-1000. You can mix away happily but don’t expect any little extras to work accurately like a slicer etc. The functionality is of an older player without Engine data.

Ah that’s great, thanks . I’m a bit oldskool to be honest. I was a dedicated vinyl man but now struggle with space (clue in the man hehe). So things like setting cues etc doesnt bother me. I don’t like the machine doing too much. If I do convert to engine, will my usb sticks also still work on their pioneers?.

If you’re old skool then you’ll feel right at home. It will have a few things to enhance your mixing but it will feel more like vinyl with it’s limited features. You can add cue points on the unit so they will be there next time which will help a lot.

Unfortunately the sticks won’t have any useable meta data that is readable in Rekordbox but there is tools available to help getting one standard library across many DJ apps (RekordBuddy). It helps keep one library synced between Rekordbox and other DJ programs. Hopefully he adds Engine/Engine Prime to RekordBuddy as it’s currently missing. There is another tool but that’s Engine Prime only so won’t work.

The sticks will still work in their Rekordbox player… you just won’t see any cues/loops/etc that you made on the MCX8000 but the audio will play fine.

Hopefully one day there is a universal library standard that is introduced for everyone to use and enjoy. If one format with standards was created then it would make using equipment a breeze!

Sorry, will there be no readable data if I converted to engine and tried using on pioneers’?. That wouldn’t bother me too much as ill just have separate usbs. Some engine and some standard .

so to make sure i understand. A standard USB would work on the denon and the files will be readable so I can easily navigate through tracks. The rekordbox usb will also be like this on the denon?. But id struggle if I tried using the engine USB on pioneers ?. Ta

It should be noted here you won’t get waveforms on load, either. They’ll be loading as the track is playing (think YouTube streaming).

Yeah, that’s what pioneers are like. It doesn’t show wave form at first but writes it in as its playing . The pioneers then save the wave form so I shows up when the track plays the next time around. I can still view my folders and track names on the denon even if I don’t use engine ?.

You can view the folders and track names and I think the waveforms will save for next time. You can save cues as you play too.

They are similar to what Pioneer do.

Nice one!. I think ill be grabbing one at some point then … Thanks for the help.

No worries at all. It’s worth checking one out in a DJ store. Bop DJ have them out on display to have a hands-on feel so if you’re neat one (Leeds/Bristol) then have a play with a loaded stick.

Hope it helped!