Denon DN-HC1000s Not working

Serato dj 1.9.6 MacOs 10.12.6 sierra

Hi ! Serato just won’t recognize the hardware. I tried out all of the options from similar posts to mine on the internet: Auto_save.xlm file New Firmware

Nothing worked.


Have you followed Serato’s own support article regarding the issue SDJ not detecting hardware?

I’ve been looking for solution in thier forum among other places. Is there a formal post by serato themselves?

Yes, several articles. Search for midi related issues. You mentioned you installed the latest firmware for the unit?

Yeah I updated from the denondj site. I am afride that messing with my mac’s midi configuration will hurt the way my main controller is functioning, I work almost everyday and i cant afford tech issues.

I doubt it will affect your main controller. Anyway, I would test the HC-1000 with a midi app to see if it’s outputing midi data and maybe delete the device in midi studio and then reconnect.

ok i seriously tried it all for the past 3 hours. ALLLL of the support mac troubleshooting at serato website, nothing.

I think its really not compatible with the serato dj software, look at all the people who has the same problem as i do.

To reduce the chances of MIDI channel clashes, the HC1000s can be set onto MIDI channels 1,2,3 or 4 using combinations of keys on the HC1000 itself.

Of course, it is possible that the combo of buttons may have been accidentally pressed, meaning that the midi output from the HC1000 is talking on a different midi channel to what the DJ software is listening for.

To change the midi channels:

1 Push either button of FILES/BROWSE/HISTORY/PREPARE while pushing the SHIFT button and the MIDI channel is assigned. FILES=CH1, BROWSE=CH2, HISTORY=CH3, PREPARE=CH4. 2 When the MIDI channel is assigned, the CUE button of the same number as the assigned MIDI channel number turns on. When release a SHIFT button, and them operation mode returns 3 to the normal mode.